*i'm online. it's blowin my mind. ("how's yer mind? BLOWN.) Horray! Now I can properly spy on all of you and really not have to call or visit.

*Getting married (yes. To Luke.) on September 13th. Keep yer eyeballs peeled for our save the dates. Then recycle them because you'll get an invitation too and that's a bunch of paper. I'm sure there are a few opinions rollin around about my sanity considering the choice to get back together with Luke..let alone consent to matrimony. Well... I was in a psych ward for a bit. So come to your own conclusions about my mental state. Insane or not, I'm pretty happy.

*Janice successfully procreated. Way to go! Wish I could have been there. It's been reported that baby and mommy are just fine.

*A busted knee has kept me from competing with the DDG, but has not kept me off skates because I'm an idiot with no sense of self preservation.

*Job is wearing me down. I've applied for several new and different positions where children can verbally and physically abuse me, but so far no bites.

*Moving in with Luke in a month or so. It's a really cute upper flat of a house in ferndale (with a claw-foot bathtub!). SMALL. Really small. The possibilities of domestic violence are high. Not red alert high, but probably orange.

*Bla bla bla. I'm 25 and really fucking boring.

*I'm making art for a DDG/Art-O-Mat project.

Detroit is going to Austin!

We won our first game on friday against Boston 103 to 99 in sudden death overtime. It was really emotional for me and a really wanted to punch the mavtv shit that was in my grill with the camera while I was weeping like a child from the penalty box. It was amazing. Our jammer was starting in the box so we had to stop their jammer before she could make an innital pass (the first pass counts for points in overtime) so I did a super dirty move and knocked her out really illegally and got sent to the box for a major... but it gave us a little time and our jammer (Racer- she got MVP of the entire Heartland Havoc) got out of the box and cleared the pack twice. Next we played Minnesota (who had already purchased their tickets to Nationals...and we beat them as well this was right after Whiskey took a skate to the clam. I cant find any footage from the last period, but we rocked it I assure you.

Winning those two games got us into nationals..which is good because we lost to Gotham (156 to 57 I think... we got stomped, but they destroyed everyone and won the whole thing) and Carolina (94 to 84 which was a huge improvement..last time they beat us by 130 in Philly) on sunday. Two bouts in a row. mer. I took a skate to the forehead and now am enjoying a so far 3 day headache. Great weekend though. 6 weeks til texas!

what happened to all of you when I was gone? I look on my page and 2 of you were in the hospital? NUTS.

it's on.

Off to The Heartland Havoc Roller Derby reigonals to see if DDG will make it to nationals... It will be a seriously kick ass weekend. Audi and Amanduh will be there all the way from ATL and Boston and Hoss will be there as well!!....and Roger will be there.... I'm in for a major funathon. I need this. Now i'm going to go puke.



I've had it with people.  I hate you, I hate your kids, I hate that you casually throw shit on the ground.  I hate your mothers.  I hate that I have to avoid being struck with fucking carts in Meijer because you're to self absorbed to look around you. I hate that when you hit me you wont appologize or even undersand that it occured because I dont exist.  I hate the 4th of july and the week before and the following month.  I hate it because rednecks decide that 'Merica diserves to be celebrated in front of my new car.  I will kick your teeth in if you damage my Aveo. I hate trying to do my job and getting hit on.  I hate that because I have tattoos people think they can touch them. I hate retail managers.  I hate when people call my food gross because it doesn't contain flesh.  I hate that I have the urge to crash into ever dumb motherfucker on the road who thinks that turn signals are obsolete and merging into me is acceptable. I hate driving. I hate my phone because it wont ring when I want it to and only rings when i'm at work or peeing.


(no subject)

Hey Tubbs,

I have your smelly bowl.  Cakes left it in my car (it is my belief he trapped me in to taking it home to wash it, but the jokes on him.. or me.. because I keep forgetting it in my car and it's just a big smelly air de-freshener now... in fact, I could go get it right now, but I won't.  I just dont care enough.). So lets hang out sometime (possibly before it starts growing anything) and you can have it back.


Things are starting to shape up.  People must think I'm alright at derby because the dames are down a few girls and I may be getting pulled to play for them on saturday.  BONUS... it's causing problems because they need two girls but if they pick me they may only get one because it would be unfair otherwise.  Ahhhh a much needed shot in the arm of confidence in my ability.  I'm bummed that I'm causing trouble, but pleased that I'm a valuable player.

Got to see the gang yesterday for the first time in many moons and it was such a relief.  I spend too much time working and/or alone.... but I may have landed an excessively awesome summer job... along with the other jobs.. mer..... anyway, I would be working for some rich condo owners at the pool! Ah, my dream of sitting around and reading while getting paid will finally be realized.  Check a pool pass here and there and then be blissfully ignored for the remainder of my shift.  I dont even have to save anyone.  Drown away little shits whos parents dont love them enough to pay attention to their whereabouts! (kidding... I wouldnt let children die, Janice.)

I need my hair dyed. big time. I'm starting to look like I should be wearing looney toons t-shirts, sweat pants, and a kid with only a diaper on attached to my hip. 


meet me at Star Gratiot at 10pm on saturday.  Watch Blades of Glory with me and eat sour patch kids.

be there or be square (p.s- being square is not hip. seriously.). 

If you're not into doing that, got other plans ect. I'll be eating a veggie burger after the movie at Denny's. Also on Gratiot. OR dont come! ...either way...


Work is great. I love the children dispite their increasing urges to destroy me on all levels (biting, boob cranking, kicking, disgusting me, and making me cry with their vulgarity).  I also like the money... I'm not above it. For once I can see a time in the near future where I'll be away from my parents house. Only I may be alone in the new place... Which I guess will be ok. It'll have to be. 

Derby is great. We've got new girls and they're wonderful. I'm enjoying bonding with ex-boyfriends ex-girlfriends. Strange at first and then completely welcome. Cecilia is pretty much on the team (at least I think so) and i'm looking forward to the mutual ass kickings we will give each other.  Its going to be fun. Though I'm living in a constant state of terror because soon the lineup will be announced for the first travel team game and i may not be on it.  Which will probably destroy my morale, but I  have missed a lot of practices lately (2 or 3 I think. DAMNIT. doesnt seem like a lot, but when you only practice 2 times a week it adds up.) and I'd deserve it for being a slacker.  Too bad I wasnt voted in as a wild card. Then i wouldnt have to shit my pants every game over if I'd be able to play. DAMN the wild cards and their ability to play all positions! 22 girls and only 14 allowed on the lineup. mer.  It's up to a league vote though.. perhaps I'll bake cookies. 

Congrats to Jan! (no she's not pregnant. thankfuck.) Perhaps she'll forgive me for last night and call me back sometime. 

hung out with josh for the first time in months. It was good. I missed him so much.  I'm stealing one of his pictures and hopefully at some point getting it tattooed on my leg, but I'm too scared to make an appointment with any artist because i'm the angel of death. The last TWO appointments I've had have gotten canceled due to a death in the family. TWO.  I think its the blood bank mofia.  They've been on me to give blood and they know if I get another tattoo they'll have to wait another year.  You've seen their comercials! They're lawless! 

On my day off I sit at home in my pjs and stare at the internet. feelin sorry for myself.